Bike Tune-Up

To tune up the bikes we will implement using vouchers instead of bike parts. These vouchers will work the same way as the parts (adding points to Speed, Acceleration, and Drift).

Shop Menu

The vouchers can be bought on the shop menu inside the workshop.

Type of vouchers and their cost:

  • Speed Voucher

    • Speedy voucher → Speed (+2)

    • Sprinting voucher → Speed (+4)

  • Acceleration Voucher

    • Pacemaker voucher → Acceleration (+2)

    • Rusher voucher → Acceleration (+4)

  • Drift Voucher

    • Shifter voucher → Drift (+2)

    • Brake Broker voucher → Drift (+4)

  • Bundle Voucher (Speed + Acceleration + Drift)

    • Batch of Bikeway → Bundle 1 (Speed (+2) + Acceleration (+2) + Drift (+2))

    • Pile of Greatness → Bundle 2 (Speed (+4) + Acceleration (+4) + Drift (+4))

  • Referral Voucher (Speed + Acceleration + Drift)

    • Buddy Tipster → Bundle 1 (Speed (+3) + Acceleration (+3) + Drift (+3))

Modify Menu

This menu will be used to modify the bikes. We will show the selection of bikes that the player has, and they can choose to modify their bike with the voucher that has been bought. When the player is in the middle of selecting their voucher, it will show the things below:

  • The additional stats the voucher can add

  • The progress of stats to their current level

Inventory Menu

After this voucher has been bought it will be stored in the inventory, the voucher is only stored when it's not redeemed yet, and will automatically be removed after use.

Correlation between bike stats and level

For each level, a certain maximum number of stats can be added. For example, if the player is in level 4, and the max number of bikes speed is 50. Their current speed is 40, and if the player bought the +24 speed voucher, it will only max out to 50, and the rest of it will not be counted.

For the player to have a more significant bike stat, they have to be leveled up by having more races.

If the player leveled up, not only the stats increase but also the max number of that stat also increased. It also depends on the bike type.

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