Pre-Race Preparation

There is no entry fee to join the race. The minimum requirement to participate in a race is one Bike Battle with enough charge for one race.

Once you enter the Bike Battle game, you simply need to click the "Race" tab. You will then see an instant match-making area, click "Ready" and you will be instantly pushed into a lobby with a race track that has other Players' Bike Battles that you are not able to view until inside the race.


  • Select "Race"

  • Enter the race lobby.

  • Wait for the lobby to fill.

  • Once the countdown is complete, the race will begin

The Race

Your Bike is now racing against 4 other Bikes! You can track your personal Bike by its position on the race track with an arrow indicating your Bike.

How are the race results determined?

At the initial game release, the race is primarily determined by Random Number Generator (RNG) which takes into account the stats of the participating Bikes.

Post Race Results

Finally, the race is complete. If you finished in the top 3 places you will receive token rewards based on your final place. Then simply click Next Match to continue.

  • The race rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd are also visible to every player.

  • You will be able to instantly enter your next race from this page, to save you time.

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