Electric Station and Garages

Electric Station

In order for your Bike to participate in any game mode, it needs to be Charged. For every Race, the Charge will be deducted. We will provide usage and charging rates in our next Whitepaper update. You will need to go to one of 4 Electric Stations distributed around the Tropica (MAP) to charge your Bike. After paying the charging fee and waiting for your battery to be filled up you can go ahead and Race. Each Electric Station will be an asset that will consist of (10,000 NFTS). Buying those NFTs is similar to buying shares in a company, where you receive monthly dividends which are portions of charging fees collected at the station proportional to the size of your stake. A similar concept applies to Workshops.


To do any modifications to your Bike you need to go to the Workshops. Modifications examples:

A modification fee applies. There will be a Workshop on the map. You will be able to buy shares in them to receive monthly payouts from its modification fees collection.

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