Biker NFTs are crucial in the long-term strategy of the Bike Battle Universe. When you log in with a wallet that owns the NFT it will automatically appear in your Avatar Collection. Prior to the Race or a Battle, you will choose the Avatar to equip your Bike as a Biker. Different Bikers will have different bonuses that will boost your Bikes' attributes but only if the Biker is equipped as the current Biker. Since we want NFT Avatars from our Partners' collections to be integrated heavily into the gameplay by each having a unique Buff, we would need to work on each collection individually which will require more time. Therefore Avatar functionality will be available with the launch of Battle Royal Mode (refer to the Roadmap).

Our aim is to integrate as many of the NFT collections into our game as possible which will allow an ever-increasing user base and give the opportunity to a lot of collections to find utility.

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