It all began with one man's vision. The Bike King dreamed of an island free of poverty, crime, and oppressive regulations from centralized governments.

However, the city council was stacked with members of the most notorious biker gangs as well as corporate leaders who wanted to mine its precious resources and turn Tropica into an industrial center.

Bikes, Gangs, and Corps - what can go wrong?

Fearing the destruction of the island's natural habitat, a group of scientists working in a secret lab at the #Melaverse Factory hatched a plan to build 10,000 extremely advanced custom bikes, each one unique and different from the others, to defeat the Bike King.

These vehicles were being secretly transported to a storage facility deep within the island's rainforest. Later they must have been released with the sole mission of locating their rightful owners - Nomads. When they were crossing the tropical forest King's Rogue Squad ambushed them compromising the success of the mission.

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