How To Play


Bike Battle is a racing and bike-collecting game. In this game, you can:

  1. Buy a bike

  2. Race your bike with other players or with bots

  3. Win in crypto rewards

  4. Level up and modify your bike to make it more awesome

This guide will explain how to play the game.

Getting Started

To play the game, you have to first own a Bike Battle motorcycle. You can buy a motorcycle using the MEL token. You can get MEL tokens in any decentralized exchange. After you get some MEL tokens, you can buy a motorcycle from the Bike Battle landing page.

When you click on Get your Motorbike, a gacha UI will appear. You will first be allowed to put in a referral code. You can skip the process and go to the gacha part. When you’re in the gacha part, you will be redirected to Metamask UI (if you don’t have it you have to install it first) where you will pay for the motorbike. One motorbike costs 2000 MEL to gacha.

Once you finished buying a motorbike you will be directed to the world map.

Buying Energy for Races

You need the energy to compete in races. Energy can be bought in the charging station which you can go to from the world map.

Joining a Race

Racing is the core part of the game. You will compete against procedurally generated opponents (Single Player) or with other opponents (Player vs Player). Once you finished a race you will get a coin reward based on your position. You will also get XP for the bike that you use in the race which will level up your bike.

You can register for a race by going to race tracks which can be accessed from the world map.

When you first arrive at the race tracks, you will be prompted to choose which type of race you want to take.

Single Player

When you choose the single player, you will race against the bot and get rewards to enhance your bike stats.

You have to choose which bike you want to use for this race. Remember that the better bike you use, the bigger your chance to win the race.

After choosing the bike, you will get information about today’s race track. To make the gaming experience more fun, we generate random race tracks every day.

You need to click on the button to start the race, the single-player race will cost 1 energy.

Then you need to wait while the race is in progress.

After the race is finished, you will see your rewards. On the single-player race, you will get XP and BB coins as rewards.

  1. The BB coin is used to buy energy, parts, and other payable components of the game.

  2. Experience point (XP). Each motorbike has experience points. When the XP reaches a certain number the bike will level up. When it levels up your bike stats will increase.

PVP (Player vs Player)

If you want to race against the other players, choose Versus option.

After choosing the Versus menu, you will have to choose which bike you want to use for the race. Use your best bike to get a bigger chance of winning against your opponent.

After choosing the bike, you will have to wait until the other racers join the pool.

Any one of the players can start the race, but they have to pay for the gas fee. As a reward, the player who starts the race will get 5 BB coins as an incentive.

The race can be started when 3 players are available.

Please wait while the race is in progress.

When the race is finished, you can claim the reward on the race history page.

After finishing a race, you’ll be awarded: the BB coin used to buy energy, parts, and other payable components of the game.

Race History

On this page, you can see the history of race that you had. We divide into PVP and single-player races. You can also claim the rewards from the previous race here.

Modifying Your Bike

To make your bike perform better in races, you can modify your motorcycle by stat vouchers in the workshop and then putting them on the bike. You can go to the workshop on the world map.

There are 3 sections of the workshop:

  1. Shop. This is where you browse and buy available vouchers.

  2. Modify. This is where you put the bought vouchers onto the motorcycle.

  3. Inventory. This is where you can see all the vouchers you’ve bought.

Withdrawing Racing Coin to BB Coin

You can withdraw BB coins in the bank. You can go to the bank from the world map.

Inside the bank, you choose how much RC you wanna withdraw. There’s also a crypto exchange where you can exchange BB coins for another crypto.

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