Horizon 0: Whitelist Registration

There will be a total of 1000 spots on the whitelist for our Bike Battle NOMAD Collection. Each Whitelist member will have the opportunity to mint up to 5 Bike Battles during the pre-sale period.

Horizon 1 Pre-Sale Minting.

Anyone on the whitelist can mint up to 5 Battle Bikes, so whitelist members will be able to choose the minting time that suits them best. The price for the presale mint is 1000 MEL

Horizon 2: Public Minting.

After the presale, at least 5000 Bike Battles will be available for public minting. The public mint will remain open until all Bike Battles have been minted. The price for the public mint is 2000 MEL

Horizon 3: Race Simulator

Soon after all Bike Battles have been minted, the first version of Bike Battle game will be released. With your playable Bike Battle NFT, you can compete against other players in races and based on your finishing place receive rewards. This version will also feature in-game assets such as electric stations and garages that you can invest in and, if you do it right, earn passive token income.

Horizon 4: Avatar Collection

Before releasing Battle Royal mode, we're going to drop our own NFT collection of unique Bikers, which will yield daily token rewards just like NOMAD Bike Collection. Each Bike Battle holder will be eligible for the private sale.

Horizon 5: Battle Royal

We will be releasing a Battle Royal mode where you can equip your Battle Bikes with a Biker - an NFT Avatar from our and our partners' collections and battle against other players for rewards.

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