Currently, rental systems within P2E are not transparent, everything is conducted manually which results in unfortunate events or scams. In Bike Battle, the "Scholarships" Job Board and automated payout and rental mechanic will make the whole process as easy and secure as possible for scholars and guilds.

Rental Process

There are three types of renting inside the Bike Battle game. These are Fixed Renting, Profit Share, and Direct Rental.

Fixed Rental

The "Fixed Rent" system is the most traditional type of rental. A guild can create a job alert giving Bikes for a fixed price and a fixed period of time. Once the renter accepts the offer and the Bike is placed in escrow, the owner receives full reimbursement but is unable to take the bike back until the renting period is over

Profit Share

Guilds set the percentage of profit they want to provide to the scholar and click "Rent"! Anyone will be able to accept this job alert. Unlike the "Fixed Rental," the Guild can return the bike anytime to avoid lazy scholars and incentivize hard-working ones.

Direct Rental

Direct Rental allows a Guild to create rental contract personalized contracts to send to the particular scholar directly. No other person besides the recipient will be able to accept this Job.

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