Players who don't have time to constantly engage their Bikes in races and prefer more passive gameplay are able to unite into Guilds. Being in a Guild means that each member dedicates some of their Bikes to the Guild Collection. Guilds then can rent out those bikes to "scholars" players who don't have their own Bike yet in exchange for a fee and % of their winnings We will have specially designated in-game tools to create, manage, grow your Guild, including an automatic renting mechanic

Guilds have access to:

  • Exclusive channel in Bike Battle Discord

  • Guild tournaments with grand rewards

  • Automatic renting mechanism


  1. Go to "Guild" section of the Website

  2. Set Guild information | Name, Logo, Story |

  3. Set up Rules | entry requirements, fees distribution |

  4. Copy an Invite link and send it to friends

  5. Create a Job alert |rental agreement that will be placed on job board available for all scholars to view|

  6. Accept the fitting request from Scholar

Bikes and Fees will be distributed securely and automatically via our renting mechanism.

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