Tokenomics? Who even cares? When Moon?

We do, and so should you. If you're planning to invest in a project like BBCoin (or any project for that matter), it's important to understand how the broader ecosystem works. At the end of the day this is how we can all win.

MELX approach to revenue sharing and tokenomics aims to balance four goals:

  • Creating a healthy play-to-earn ecosystem that rewards active players and DAO participants

  • Ensuring that BBCoin token has a strong foundation for long-term value capture

  • Building a treasury for MELX DAO to use on discretionary spending

  • Providing ongoing financial rewards to those developing Bike Battle

This part of the whitepaper will first take you through BBCoin token distribution, then elaborate on how these goals will be accomplished.

Token Distribution

BBCoin will be distributed in three stages. private sale, pre-sale and public bonding curve sale.

The Private Sale

Size: 3,000,000 BBCoin Price: 0.05 USDC / BBCoin

The private sale will be held via one of the partnered launchpads. Anyone who performed KYC and met launchpad requirements can buy tokens The funds raised during this round were allocated to MEX, the company behind Bike Battle, to ensure the successful development of the Bike Battle game.

The Pre-Sale

Size: 500,000 BBCoin Price: 100 MEL / BBCoin

Anyone who meets a requirement of 50.000 MEL staked can participate in a pre-sale.

To conduct the sale, a snapshot of all agents will be taken. This will be then cross-checked with those who performed KYC and MEL holdings on whitelisted wallet addresses. Then, a special “Verified” badge will be assigned to all eligible participants in the Discord. These participants will then be added to a special discord channel, where links to the presale will be posted.

The funds raised here will be used to bootstrap liquidity in the Token Bonding Curve reserve pool, at a reserve ratio of 100%.

Participants of the Private Sale and Pre-Sale will have their BBcoin tokens vested over a period of one year, beginning from the close of the Pre-Sale round. After 180 days, an initial release equivalent to roughly 50% of the total amount will be released, followed by a drip release of the remaining tokens over the next 185 days.

Public Bonding Curve Sale

For more information on the mechanics of the curve, check out our page on the curve.

There is no limit on the supply of BBCoin in this round, and no limit on the time. The price opened at 150 MEL/ BBCoin, and fluctuates along the curve. There is no lockup in this round either – tokens can be claimed straight away from the curve.

Anyone who participated in KYC and had their address whitelisted by the MELX team is able to purchase straight from the curve.

Funds raised from the Curve will be available to MELX Team via a tap mechanism controlled by MEL token holders. Ecosystem Fund

The Ecosystem fund will consist of 1,000,000 BBCoin locked according to the same schedule as the Private and Pre-Sale rounds. Unlocked funds can be deployed via proposals made to the MELX DAO , for legitimate use cases such as funding development by non-MELX core team members, promotion and marketing of MELX DAO, as well as any other use case the DAO deems useful.

Team Fund

The Team Fund consists of 1,000,000 BBCoin locked according to the same schedule as the Private Round. However, once funds have been fully unlocked, they will be distributed according to a 3-year vesting schedule, and the remaining funds will be locked into a new vesting contract for another two years, and drip-released to the MELX core team.

Team funds are primarily used to incentivize core MELX team members to contribute with their full effort to the project, as well as to compensate external advisors.

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