Tickets are NFTs that allow you to participate in Bike Battle Raffles to win prizes. They can be purchased using Crystals obtained from staking or on the Marketplace using BBCoin.

In this page, you will learn how to purchase tickets using Crytals and to participate in raffles using those tickets!

Purchasing Tickets

Once you have enough Crystals, head to the Marketplace to purchase tickets with Crystals.

Unlike Crystals, Tickets can be transferred from one wallet to another. They can also be bought/sold on secondary marketplaces.

There are two main categories of tickets:

  • Raffle Tickets

  • Drop Ticket

Raffle tickets can be subdivided into six different subcategories, ranging from Common (least valuable) to Godlike (most valuable). These are used to participate in Wearable Raffles.

On the other hand, Drop Tickets are used to participate in NFT Raffles to win Bikes.

CategoryCrystals required


50 crystals


250 crystals


500 crystals


2500 crystals


10000 crystals


50000 crystals

Drop Ticket

10000 crystals

Users are allowed to buy tickets belonging to different categories in a single transaction. You do not need to create separate buy transactions for each category of raffle ticket.

Entering Raffles

A raffle (both wearable raffles and NFT raffles) runs for a period of time. During this period, you can submit your tickets for a chance to win prizes. Submitting tickets into the draw involves a transaction on Polygon; it is not done automatically. If you have many different categories of raffle tickets and wish to enter them together as a bundle, this is also possible. You do not need to create separate transactions for entering each category of tickets into the raffle.

When the raffle is over, you can find out what prizes you have won and can claim them.

If you choose not to participate in a given Raffle, you do not need to do anything with your tickets. You can also accumulate tickets for subsequent raffles if you like to do so.

Each prize will be allocated to a randomly drawn raffle ticket, where each ticket has an equal chance of winning.

You can improve your probability of winning by:

  • Submitting multiple tickets

  • Enter raffle ticket categories with more prizes (e.g. Common)

Random numbers for the Raffle prize winners are generated through Chainlink's on-chain verifiable randomness generator.

After the raffle has concluded, winners can claim their prizes on Polygon Network and equip their Bikes with those wearables.

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