How to claim Testnets MEL Token

To play the beta version of Bike Battle, you have to hold several MEL Tokens. But fear not, because it is a test version, you don't have to have actual MEL Tokens. We will provide you with faucets for the Token, and you can claim as many as you can!

Here is how to claim the faucet:

  1. Make sure you had a metamask account and wallet ready to use. Read more here.

  2. Go to the beta version of Bike Battle:

  3. If this pop-up shows up, it means that you have to switch your network.

  1. Switch your network to Polygon Mumbai testnet.

If you can't see the test networks, go to the

Search Mumbai test, and check to include Testnets.

Now you can see and choose the Polygon Mumbai Testnets.

  1. Another option: if you are interested in adding the Polygon Mumbai testnet manually, here are the fields you will need to add to your MetaMask:

Network Name: Mumbai


Chain ID: 80001

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

  1. After that, you can access the game's homepage. In order to have transactions, connect your wallet first.

  1. To get your first motorbike, you had to have 2000 MEL. We will provide you with 3000 MEL via the faucet for in-game transactions. Click on the add button at the top right of the page.

The transaction details will pop up. If the details below showed up, that means you don't have enough MATIC.

  1. Go to and copy your wallet address.

  1. Confirm the transaction

  1. Now you will have 5000 MEL in your account. Note that will only be available for testing purposes and will not have any effect on the actual game currency.

  1. Click on Get Your Motorbike to claim your first bike.

  2. Go to the How to Play page to get started.

Please contact us if you had any questions. That's it, Happy Racing!

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